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Tell me what kind of live broadcasts you do and I will tell you which LiveU to use

Let's start this story.

When we face the challenge of making a live broadcast for a client, many concerns invade us, but the most frequent are:

Will this work out? a valid question but no less distressing for that.

I hope this basic guide of 3 recommendations according to your streaming needs will be useful to help you find your live-streaming soulmate.

Since 2018 I have been working hand in hand with LiveU and I am telling you this from my personal and professional experience - since in my real life I use all the units as the case may be - and my clients have always been more than satisfied!

Here we go:

1- Live broadcast to social networks: YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, etc.

In this case, the unit designed especially for you is the LiveU Solo, it is called Solo since you can work directly with it without the help of anyone else; it is a Plug & Play style unit: you turn it on, you connect from its portal and that's it. In addition, LiveU Solo now has the new Solo PRO version, to be a freelancer of live broadcasting to social networks and professional-level multimedia, check this link to get to know it better:


2- Live broadcasting on-the-go productions, such as a mountain bike race or "Breaking News" style press coverage

If your client needs you to be on the move behind the live action, the best thing that can happen to you is to have a good camera and a lightweight LiveU that adapts to your mobility and sends a stable, flawless, and powerful live signal to Master Control.

That unit is the LU300S, for me, it has the S for being "Super", check it out here:


3- Multi-camera Live streaming on the field? I have it for you too!

Are you a "news" person and are you in charge of producing TV programs for several live cameras with "one" single signal? The LU800 is the LiveU unit that will make your life easy and wonderful. The LU800 is the number 1 choice of all TV channels worldwide, it seems like an exaggeration but it is reality itself. Take a glance here: https://www.liveu.tv/products/create/lu800

LiveU has distributors worldwide, based in each country, and knowledgeable about your language and needs. Contact them and start your relationship with the LiveU family. I am for you from Latin America!

Receive my best wishes in your next live broadcast, if you need to rent any of these units in the United States just write to me.


Walkiria Marin | TV Correspondent | Founder Link Miami Video Agency | Marketing Advisor LiveU LatAm

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