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Your production team ready to cover in the United States


Without leaving your country, with Link Miami + Bam Bam you have event production and live press coverage with professional cameramen, reporters, field producers and all the LiveU technology that your television station requires from the United States, without technical concerns, personnel transfers or delays in coverage.

Professional solutions for live streaming

Location search services for live streaming

On-site transmission equipment installation and service

Customized equipment delivery service on site

More services available:


• Press coverage with reporter, cameraman and LU600

• Support to correspondents: we provide a cameraman with professional equipment, LU600,  transfers and assistance to the correspondent during coverage in the United States.

• At Home Production: Live broadcast of interviews and / or events with personalities, directly to your control master, via LiveU.

• LiveU equipment rental , from one day onwards, full data, with or without operator.

• Virtual transmission solutions: LiveU Data Bridge service rental, to guarantee the quality of the signal of its transmission in Zoom-type presentations or virtual events that take place on digital platforms.

With our logistical and production support, you will be able to continue transmitting original content at a fraction of the cost and will overcome the limitations of moving your technical and reporter staff to the United States in the midst of the pandemic.

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