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Media People and for Media

Link Video Agency  is founded by two television news producers: videographer and technical director Santiago de León and journalist Walkiria Marin, audiovisual communication entrepreneurs who in 1999 created Producciones Integrales in Venezuela and now from the United States offer new services designed for the demanding needs of live transmission of media and correspondents in the United States.

As a Video Agency, we are a technical and logistical support point for the media and production houses that need an agency to represent them in the United States during the live coverage of events and news.


Content production for projects such as documentaries and TV shows

As a video agency in Link Miami we are dedicated to creating new video content for other production houses, we take care of the field production with our own gears or with the production crew/equipment recommended by the client.


We can provide support from the pre-production phase: guest booking, location selection and full project coordination.

From Link Miami Video Agency you will receive the raw  in the format you require, ready to edit, with premium quality and fair rates.

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"We know first-hand the needs of a reporter, the demands of a cameraman and the pressure of a field producer when it comes to going live on Prime Time, we come from there, we are media people."
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