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Link Miami  it is  a production and marketing agency for videos and Tv Spots, we design  campaigns for  bring to the screens of thousands of homes in Miami Dade and Broward  promotions of  business and services  locals like yours.  
When we learned about the scope of the Effectv platform (before  Comcast Spotlight) we wanted to be part of this new way of promoting on television and we did.
If you are in charge of a business and you want to promote yourself on TV and it seems to you that the rates are very high, it is because you have not known Effectv.

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5 advantages for your cable TV business

1- You can advertise by Zip Code and make your investment only where you are interested and in channels in English or Spanish.

2- You can segment your target (age, income, interests, language,  etc).

3- It will reach its target on any platform that the person uses: cable, Roku, Apple Tv, Smartphone, video on demand or  Internet.

4- Your Tv Spot  It cannot be skipped (Skip).

5- Minimum investment  and monthly report on the scope of your promotion.

You don't have to be a video expert, we do. 

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